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Project Tracking Options

Once you have enabled project tracking you set options on how the project data interacts and displays data in act!.

Projects are buckets to store unique information regrading each. This information can encompass values such as make model and serial number ( for installation projects) or activities especially if the project spans weeks or month and has multiple stages.

Once you have turned on project tracking you can change the icon and add it to the navigation bar on the left side. Read more

  1. Master switch. - Is project tracking in the act interface on and what custom table get used as the 'project' table. The custom tables does not have to be called 'projects' It is the default name from the template but can be changed at any time. To change the name read this help topic .

    To display the project records on the daily calendar place a check mark in
            "Display project in: daily, weekly and monthly view"  Read more

    To display the project on the time line view place a check mark in :Display projects in the timeline view" Read more
    When displaying projects on the time line view you may want to turn OFF other activity types such as: calls, meetings
    and to-dos since the timeline will get confusion. To hide place a check mark in the option:
    "In timeline view hide calls, meetings, todo- ect." Read more

  2. Allows you to select which field from the project table will be displayed on the calendar. The default fields are the location and project name but can be any field you desire. To add fields read this help topic

  3. Allows you to select two date fields which are used for the start and end date. By default these fields are 'Start Datetime' and 'End Datetime' but can be any date field from the project table.

  4. Allows you to select the data entry form which opens when you double-click on the project record from the calendar. 
    Note when you double-click an activity the native 'Edit activity' form opens. When you doule-click on a project this selected form opens.

  5. Allows you to select specific fields fro data grouping. This grouping is visible on the time line only. You may want to visually group your project 

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