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 Perpetual License vs. Yearly Subscription

Which is Right for You?

Impact Suite can be purchased under a yearly subscription OR as a Perpetual (non-expiring) license. The choice is yours!

When installing Impact on a Terminal Services or Citrix Server, a separate Impact subscription or license must be purchased for each user that will use Impact.

Impact provides more flexibility and a lower implementation cost by allowing you to purchase only the tools your users need, as needed. The number of Impact Suite and Tables licenses does NOT need to be equal to the number of Act! users, plus you can mix Impact Suite and Tables within the same environment.

Purchase a Perpetual License

An Impact Suite perpetual license never expires. Use it for as long as you want, then buy a new license when you want to upgrade. Perpetual licenses do provide a discount for upgrade and quantity at time of purchase. Upgrade discounts apply on a 1:1 ratio to any earlier Durkin Computing product purchased.

We cannot guarantee that version of Impact Suite purchased today will work with newer versions of ACT! as they are released. If you own a perpetual license of Impact you may need to purchase an upgrade (or move to subscription) to maintain compatibility with new releases of Act!

Purchase a Subscription

Yearly subscription includes access to all new versions as they are released during your subscription period.
The annual subscription rate is simple. $100 per computer, per year - regardless of quantity or if upgrading.