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What's new in Impact Suite v8

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  What's new in v8.2.0.8

  ( April 2018)

Designed for ACT v20.1
• Upgraded for latest ACT v20.1!
• Two new changes for the activities!
• Added a control to display Contact field on the Opportunity details
• Additional features and supports windows and web versions
• Auto hide filter panel at the bottom of the list view.

  Two changes for Activities   
• The Cancel button on 'Edit Activities' now cancels the creation of the new activity.
• When the activity list is on a custom table data entry form and a new task is created, the new task  attached to the contact who is attached to the custom table record rather then the current contact.

Minor Fixes
• When using a dropdown attached to a custom table, the list is now filtered by only records NOT complete.
• Fixed the issue on the split screen dialogs boxes
• Math calculations were not working under split screens
• Math formulas not working editing opportunity line items
• Tab control was not changing when the associated dropdown value was changed
• Duplicating an opportunity with a math function the opportunity was not duplicating correctly
• Custom filter panels were not using local preferences

  Minor fixes for Act 20.1
• When navigating to the calendar view, the calendar was not refreshing
• When navigating above the fold lists such as activities and custom tables was becoming non-visible.
• Memory leak when refreshing a custom table view. This leak was causing performance to degraded each time the list was refreshed.
• On the dashboard the order of the series was not being set to the order of the selected field.
  What's new in v8.2.0.3

  ( January 2018)

Designed for ACT v20
• Upgraded for latest ACT v20!
• More mobile friendly registration system
• Custom tables supports windows and web versions

New Custom Tables Module   
• Install just the custom tables for windows or web
• Less expensive then the full Impact Suite
• Now sold seperatly

Custom Tables for ACT web  (APFW)
• Supports custom tables on ACT for the web
• Included with both the SUITE and Custom Tables Modules

Setup Wizards
• Simple wizards to get up an running fast

Minor enhancements
• Added 'Current Quarter' options to all dashboards
• Added 'Run All Math' button to all data entry forms
• Updated Import for the current Office build
• Added an import multiple photos button on the child table toolbar.
• Added an options to set the default Activity Type when clicking the "New Activity" button ( it was always defaulting to 'meeting')
Minor fixes
• Company/Groups tab indicator was only working for groups. 
• Picture Column not displaying pictures
• Pivot Tabel was only being displayed data in the designer mode.
• When ACT preferences set to "each view in its own window" set to TRUE the custom table window was not resizable.
  What's new in v8

  ( June 2017)

Designed for ACT 19
• Registration data is now located in
    ..\ACT\plugins\Durkin Computing\.. folder
• More mobile friendly registration system

Report Designer is now fully integrated  
• Report Designer is FREE with Impact Suite v8
• Designer accessible from inside ACT via the Reports menu
• Report Scheduler available separately

New Products View
• Sort, find, organize, group and colorize
• View all products in your sales opportunities

Place Company fields on a contact layout
• View Company record fields in a contact layout
• Reference critical company fields without leaving the contact record

Google APIs for geocoding
• Support Google Maps Geocoding API service
Click here to get your FREE Google API key

New charts and graphs
• Contact, Companies, Groups and Opps now support drill down
• New Opportunity Chart components similar to ACT's but better

Online Account
• Online access to self-manage serial numbers
• Re-issue serial numbers in real time
• Manage suscriptions bug fixes >>

Support MS .Net 4.0
• better overall performance specifically in refreshing the list view
• Overall performance enhancement navigating and refreshing
• Performance enhancement start time

  What's new in v7.1

  ( December 2016)

Subscription Pricing
• Month by Month
• Yearly subscription discount
• License plus yearly 

Impact Tables for the web   learn more
• ie compatibility settings
• More components and controls
• Faster loading

Custom Tables learn more
• Added dynamic filtering by current lookup
• Dynamic filtering support : contact, company, group
    and opportunity lookups.

Calendar learn more
• Added a second calendar for side-by-side calendars
• Display month and week views at the same time

Smart Notes learn more
• Smart notes based on conditions
• One time sticky notes per record
• Support for multiple monitors

Tab Indicator   learn more
• Place icons on each tab on the details views
• Show record totals on each tab
• Supports all type of tabs including custom tables

Interface Enhancements
• History Buttons to quickly record
• Run all math functions button

• Post invoices directly into QuickBooks
• Supports all Windows based QuickBooks applications
• Automate repetitive QuickBooks accounting tasks

ACT! Pro for Web (APFW)
• ie Compatibility settings 
• Report on the web

  What's new in V6.1 (September 2015)
Actionable Triggers
• Next Action Date
• Last Cleared Date
• Last Activity Result ( i.e. Left Message )

New modules
• Smart Notes  learn more
• Tab Indicator learn more
• History Buttons learn more

International and SDK
• Extended Culture support for the ACTOLEDB
• Updated SDK examples for v6
• New SDK calls

Detail Views
• Custom tab control on the top section of the details
• Extended memo control with Rich Text Support (RTF)
• Spell check with 40+ dictionaries

Company View
• Company Radius ( Just like Contact radius )

Calendar View
• Added Horizontal scrolling in multi-column mode

ACT! Pro for Web (APFW)
• Added additional controls such as panels and tab pages

Data Importing
• Ability to create a new field in the importer / de-normalization / attach to multiple entities
• New options when the parent record is not found such as Contact, Company, Group or Opportunity
• Normalize wizard to convert Contact records into custom table records

  What's new in V6 (January 2015)

Impact Suite v6
• Support for the new look and feel in Act! v17 (New icons!)
• Faster loading time on startup
• Preview panels on all custom tabs

Act’s native details view
• Added container controls such as Tab pages and panels
• Added a “Goto” button to look up and record in any custom table
• Timeline enhancements ( v17 only)

List views
• In-line editing on ALL list views
• Unified select statement – 8x faster refreshes
• Simplified toolbar with ‘Options’ dropdown on the far right side
• Opportunity – Convert to project (custom table)
• Activities – Custom field calculations ( Used for QB posting)

• New ‘Lockdown mode’.
      In lockdown mode users cannot change preferences but still add, modify and delete records.
• Activate and Deactivate .
     Allows users to move and/or reregister licenses

Navigation Bar
• Radius filtering by distance and conditions such as “ID/Status = “Lead”
• Radius range can be adjusted. Was 0 to 100 now can be 1 to 500
• Right-click now removes multiple previous and favorites.

Data entry designer
• Added widgets to simplify adding controls
• Controls support themes such as Metro and Windows 10 look and feel

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Impact Suite v6, Impact Report Designer v6, individual modules v6 or utility add-ons are fully compatible with ACT! 2013 (v15.1), 2014 (v16.2), 2015 (v17.2)and 2016 (v18.1).